When Can i have Sex?

Many men, when making their first dates with women, think about ending them with sex. However, not all women are ready for such a quick scenario. Often, if a man offers sex on the first date, many women refuse. An exception can only be girls of easy virtue or escorts.

Why do women refuse sex on the first date?

When inviting women on a first date, men often hope to end it with sex. But women are subtle natures, they want to know their partner as much as possible before entering into intimacy. On the first date, women want to show themselves as modest and shy creatures. Intimacy on the first date for them as an act of debauchery. For many women, sex on the first date is seen as easy accessibility. Women tend to observe and evaluate a potential sexual partner for a long time. On a first date, you rarely get to know a man enough to draw certain conclusions about him, so women usually reject sex on a first date.

After how many dates will sex take place?

This issue worries both women and men. Sometimes both partners aim to get to know each other better as soon as possible, and some approach this with all seriousness. There is no officially set number of dates after which sex must occur. Here, by and large, a lot depends on the initial and purpose of dating: to find the other half or to find a sex partner. In the second case, intimacy on the first date is more likely. In the first case, sex can occur at completely different time intervals. Dating aimed at creating relationships involves the communication of opposite sexes, the identification of common interests and a deep knowledge of each other. You can get to know each other for an eternity, however, when testing sexual desire, sex can take place on any of the dates.

Not always only women fundamentally do not give themselves up on a first date, it can also be men. This is explained by the fact that there are people with moral principles and upbringing of the old school who believe that sex before marriage is a sin! Despite this position in life, not everyone follows it. It is important to note that if sex does take place before the wedding, you need to inspire enough trust in the partner. People with moral principles study a person for a long time, the inner world is important to them and every detail is in the opposite field. After a detailed study, they can change their position, as they will be confident in the partner and agree to intimacy with him.

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